The Rest Of The Story

Strolling Mote Park after the morning deluge.

2 responses to “The Rest Of The Story

  1. Richard, thrilled to have received two of your posts. I am now retired (mostly) and have moved to Shellharbour, a lovely village 1.5 hours South of Sydney. Our apartment is virtually 20 metres from the ocean, next to a sandy beach complete with Australian life savers. As you can imagine we are very popular with grandkids.

    Currently travelling up and down Eastern Tasmania, enjoing fantastic views, seafood and wines.

    Hope you are well. Our offer still stands if you decide to cross the Pacific. Best regards, Andrew

    > >


    • Andrew, wonderful to hear from you! Sounds as if retirement – semi or otherwise – suits you.

      As you can tell from the posts we’re quite some distance from sandy beaches so your offer is enticing. Of course we’re also quite some distance from Oz. We’ll see.


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