Further Down The Road

Finally got past the business end of the journey – at least for the present – and headed to Charleston to meet the first of my heretofore unknown cousins, Charles and Betty Price. I’ll make that the subject of another post since we’re all going to meet up in Louisiana later in the month but it was a great evening learning about blood kin that up until now I knew nothing about. The trip from Greensboro to Charleston was uneventful except for a bit of rain that occasionally got extremely heavy but that oddly shortened the run because it more or less eliminated opportunities to stop and take pictures. Although not entirely. I was near Darlington, SC, famous for it’s NASCAR events, when the weather broke for a period.  As i zipped along I spied a scene out the corner of my eye and made a quick u-turn to try and capture it.


After diner with the Price’s I headed on toward Savannah but it was getting quite late so I stopped at a Howard Johnson’s Inn hard-by Parris Island, site of the USMC basic training facility. I was located closer to the Island that I realized. Awoke this morning to gunfire, from the practice ranges I assume. On to Savannah now to meet with Rayn and JB and take in one of the most beautiful cities in the South.

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