State Theater



I have been meaning to shoot The State for some time now and this morning I found myself in Falls Church with both my camera bag and some spare time. So.



When I was teenager I used to attend an occasional movie at The State. It was some ways from the town I lived in – by teenage standards anyway – and so going there was much an adventure. Sometimes we’d run into friends; sometimes into fists, but it was always fun and generated more than a few legends, all of of which now escape me (keep journals kids!).



Today The State serves as a live performance arena for retro, indie and niche acts. The latter include a lot of blues players. It’s a small venue but you’d be amazed at some of the names that turn up. The one that pops for me on the marquee in these shots is Jimmy Thackery.


I’ll go back at some point and get some night shots. This was another outing with my EF 50mm f1.4 USM. I think I’m getting used to it; I suppose you’ll have to be the judge of that – as always.


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