T – Minus 7


The Trip is coming up. Too many things to do. Get a house-sitter. Eat all the perishables in the fridge. Cancel this service and that. Get the taxes paid (Yes, I’m one of those.) And check and double check the lists. The big one is the kit list that Chaz sent my way. He being the Pro cCamper; me being the neophyte. Yesterday I ventured out to fill in some of the gaps.

I dropped by Costco first to see if perhaps they might have one of my list items at a lower price. No such luck, but as I walked out the door I marveled that it was the first and only time I had ever visited Costco and not spent a single solitary dime, much less the $300 that was the norm. I figured this was a good omen and headed to REI.  I kept repeating to myself as I entered the store: “Stick to the list. Stick to the list.” Needless to say.

REI is like a specialized Costco – and just as dangerous to one’s bank account. I think I did ok though; only wandered off the path a couple of times and I did avoid all the bargains on the clearance racks since they were not listed. Some things became irresitable though, like the Eat Well – Go Far Beef Enchilada Meal in a bag. Add hot water and stir. No cooking – except the water. Of course I had to have something to heat the water in: Jet Boil. And if you’re going to have hot water why not hot coffee; Jet Boil Coffee Press. Cooking attracts bugs: Ben’s Bug Spray. Bugs make noise: ear plugs.  Get away from it all – need light: Black Diamond LED lantern. And so on. I was lucky to escape, but having said that I have to go back today to get a sleeping pad and a head lamp. They were both on the list but somehow got overlooked. Someone posted a video this morning on age-activated attention disorder. That might have been it. Anyway, I have to go back.  And as I walk in the door I will repeat my mantra: Stick to the list. Stick to the list.

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