T + 4 & 5: St Jo to Badlands

Didn’t get a chance to post last night; too tired by the time I rolled into St Joseph‘s, MO. It was also too late to go looking for a campground and pitching tents in the dark so I checked into a Days Inn. It has a bed and an internet connection and that’s about all the good things I can say.

Awoke this morning to the sound of thunder (and wind and rain and lightening and the like) and was feeling pretty good about not being in a tent. As I write this things seem to be clearing up a bit. The sky to the south is beginning to break blue.

Unfortunately the sky to the north is breaking bad and that’s the direction I headed today. Destination: Badlands of South Dakota. How Baaaad can they be?  We’ll see.

http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=St+Joseph,+MO&daddr=Badlands+National+Park,+SD&hl=en&geocode=FdKnXgIdW-lY-ilxJS6TThrAhzGocdNbeZZ15g%3BFWF3mwIdX2Ls-SHwd-baMV5oaQ&mra=ls&sll=39.757778,-94.836389&sspn=0.305104,0.612488&vpsrc=6&ie=UTF8&ll=41.820455,-98.393555&spn=5.730721,9.338379&z=6&output=embed<br /><small>View Larger Map</small>

It’s about a 10 hour run so I better get rolling. If the skies clear I send up some pics from the phone later.

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