A very long day. Roamed more than 400 miles around the base camp. Took
447 shots including sunrise and sunset. I’m better at sunsets. I
suppose because I have more practice. Too, they seem to extend longer
than sunrises.

I’m not sure yet just what to do with a sunrise and while I ponder
that, well, the sun rises and it’s then too late to do much other than
wait for sunset.

I love chasing the sunset, especially here in the west. They last an
incredibly long time and seem to spread out across the sky to a much
greater degree than is the case back east. Gives one lots to consider.
But the sunrises? Blink and it’s over.

I wish I had a couple of examples for you tonight but I took none with
the iPhone (don’t ask; I don’t know why.) and I’m just too tired to go
through the downloads and conversions right now. I have a couple that
are really good though and I’m anxious to show them to you. So,

There is a crescent moon tonight that will rise in the eastern sky
about 0200. Hoping to get to it. That would be sunrise, sunset and
moonrise all in the same 24 HR period. Whew!

Good night boys and girls!

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