T + 11: Last Leg Into Glacier

A lot of water has passed over the rocks since I managed my last post:

Badlands, Tetons and Yellowstone and few smaller but no less interesting places in between.


At some point I will sit down and write up the story and add the pictures to illustrate it. Up to now I have been too busy doing to get around to telling. Touring the National Parks is a time consuming affair – they are just so overwhelming. I have a new appreciation for travel writers now. How they ever make deadline is beyond me.

The photograph is of a portion of Schawbackers Landing at the foot of the Grand Teton. It’s a popular spot for both artists and photographers alike. A very reflective place in more ways than one. The series of shots I took at this location are, IMHO, among the best on the trip so far.

This morning I’m in Helena, MT, a first for me in both the state and the city. For you easterners who have forgotten all those state capitals you had to memorize in the third grade, Helena is the capital city of Montana. I checked into a hotel here last night, got a hot shower and caught up on bill paying. This morning I have to try to find an outfitter and pick up a set of long underwear and another pair of wool socks. It’s already snowing in Glacier and I found out night before last in Yellowstone just how woefully prepared I am for cold weather camping. I guess if one is going to die, freezing is as good a way to go as any, and certalnly one would be hard-pressed to pick a more beautiful spot than Glacier, but all things considered, I’ll invest in a few more pieces of clothing.

Looking forward to meeting Peter, Chris and Ali – all of the Western Montana Photographers Meetup – at St Mary’s campground this afternoon.

Here’s the route plan for the day.


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