Crescent City

When I left Virginia people wanted to know where I was headed. I
usually said “California” since that was as far west as I intended

“So”, they asked, “how long does it take to get there?”

“Oh”, I said “3-4 days, maybe 5. But I don’t plan on taking a direct
route. I have a few side stops to make.”

I had a few. I’m into my fifth week. My trip odometer reads 6890.5
miles. I didn’t dip my toe in the water but the sun you see is setting
over the Crescent City harbor and if you looked just a short distance
past it you’d be gazing at the Pacific. It’s nearly 40 years since I
did this last. And I’m only maybe halfway done.

Could be there will be no endpoint. There’s more than one answer to
the question “Where are headed and how long will it take to get

Gotta scurry down the coast. Later!

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