Day and Night

At Sinkyone Wilderness SP along the Lost Coast. Good hunting. Shot
deer, elk, and scads of birds. The real adventure was driving in. A
101 year old guy behind the wheel of a luxury car negotiating roads
that appeared to be scarred with wheels of a thousand wagon trains and
that might have been easier to traverse with a repelling kit. Can’t tell you
how many sentiments I hurled at Chaz with each pounding of the
underbelly of the car.
But then I climbed out of the tent early this morning and hiked to
Jones Beach a few a miles so up the coast. All was forgiven when I
ran into the herd of Elk.
And as the sun crept over the range separating Sinkyone from
civilization and began to paint everything in a morning glow I became
very thankful that Chaz pushed me in this direction.
One of these days maybe we’ll get an opportunity to share one of
these adventures together. As it is we’ll meet in Oakland for coffee
and the next day he’ll go east and I’ll go south.
Will try to get some pics from the photo walk up this evening if I can
find some bandwidth.


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