Can’t Find The Rock


In 2004 Ruth and I toured the area between SF and Monterey by car. She
had business in Monterey and I rode along because I could and any ride
with Ruth was always worth the time invested and then some.


We stayed in The City for a couple of days and then rented a car and
headed south. Along the way we stopped at Pescadero Beach SP. I took
several shots of Ruth perched on a rock overlooking the ocean. And
then some nice passerby stopped and snapped a shot of both of us on
the same rock.


It became memorable because it was one of the few photographs
reproduced for display, in her office and at home. She was hard to
please when it came to photos.

So when I plotted the trip down the PCH I knew I would find my way back to this spot just as I had to a number of other places that Ruth and I had visited with one another. But when I arrived the first problem became finding the rock. I finally settled on the first one you see pictured here because I did not have a copy of the reference image with me. Later I managed to ferret the older pictures out of the files and decided to post them as this update. and oh yes:  I had identified the correct rock despite the changes the California Park Service had made in the area since my last trip down the coast.


If the jump in time sounds confusing just let it pass. I do. Time is over-rated – sometimes. The only thing it’s good for is consumption. We were time-consumers on the afternoon this picture on the rock was taken. It was a good day. Returning to that rock touched my soul just the way it did on the first visit.  Just the way Ruth did.


I decided it was also important to place a new visual stake in the sand for this trip. As much as I wished that Ruth could be included in these new pictures it wasn’t going to happen no matter how long I stood there and watch the surf come and go. Time  Slips  Away


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