Ruthiecee – 62

I have no idea how many pictures of this stone I’ve taken since 2007. A lot for certain. It never changes.

The flowers do.

The years pass.

Time. A very human concept. On this assignment we mark time. I don’t know what Ruth does on the one she’s on now. One of these days. Time, again. Ruth shares this day in April with a few others I know in one manner or another.

Emma Shortt, my pen pal in Bristol, UK. Em is 32 today. She married yesterday. Makes it easier for her new husband Stel to remember but doubly troublesome if he doesn’t. Dan Laytham, who’s too busy enjoying his late life family to be concerned much with time. And Will Shakespeare, who, will live for so long as English is spoken, is, of course, ageless. Ruth was friends with Dan and Will. She never met Emma, but if she had she would have loved her. Until next year Ruthiecee!

And Happy Birthday to you one and all!


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