Project 365 Day 24 – YoYo Departs


YoYo departs for his forever home.

A bittersweet moment. I’ve had YoYo as a foster cocker for the last six months working on his fear aggressiveness. In that period of time he progressed from the dog who bit me the first time I attempted to put a collar on him to one whose boundaries now know no limits. He’s the sixth Cocker Spaniel I’ve fostered this year for Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue in the Greater Washington DC area and certainly the most memorable. I will miss his presence when I turn the light out tonight and when I roll out in the morning the scene will be a bit vacant lacking his smiling face and wagging stubby tail.

He had been so poorly treated by whoever it was that owned him before he came to OBG. But we’ve done everything in our power to make up for that. I suspect he’ll never forget either circumstance but he is at heart a loving and loyal companion and I envy his new human family. He’ll be joining another rescue dog and three rescue cats in this next chapter in his life. I hope to run into him again at some future OBG family event.

I give myself a day to grieve a little and then check back in to see what help I can provide to the new arrivals. And there will always be new arrivals – the need never ends. We’re all they have.

Via Flickr:
YoYo Departs For His Forever Home


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