I haven’t yet visited all the state capitols in the US. It’s not really on my list. But I’m traveling along I-94 west today and it passes right by Bismarck, the Capitol of North Dakota. So I thought I’d drive by the Capitol building and see how it compared – especially with the one in South Dakota (which I’ve panned more than once).

Well, if I’d not been paying close attention to the signs I’d have driven right past the place. It’s tall. Imposing. And it sits on a small hill. But it’s not the sort of architecture, at least on the outside, I’d associate with the centerpiece of state government. Pierre may have only one main street to its name but it has a beautiful Capitol building along that sorry street.

This one in Bismarck looks more like LAPD Headquarters.

On to TR National Park.



2 responses to “Bismarck

  1. Doesn’t look like you’re letting any grass grow under your feet. Louisiana’s capital building is also a vertical structure.


    • Oddly, as much time as I’ve spent in LA scouring through courthouses and parish libraries I’ve never made it to Baton Rouge. As for grass growing I’ve been on the road since the 1st Oct and have only just made it halfway across. In typical fashion that’s taken just over 3600 miles. Did a shortcut through Canada and took a wrong turn past Montréal that cost a lot of road. Toured all three sectins of TR NP today – even managed to get a couple of short hikes in. In Miles City, MT tonight. Looks mostly like casinos and truck stops. Heading for West Glacier tomorrow. Trying to figure out how to avoid Kalispel. 🙂


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