Somes Sound Museum & Gardens


3 responses to “Somes Sound Museum & Gardens

  1. I use mirrors a lot in my own work Richard. Approaching water the way you do I guess it’s just a big mirror as well. Never thought of it that way.


    • It occurs to me that I’ve not seen your work. Have you placed any of it online?

      I’m not much for the technicalities of my shooting. My greatest challenge – as I suppose it is for any photographer – is figuring out the light. Reflections play a large role in addressing that issue. Sometimes using them creates a hoaky product. But occasionally it works well. I think it did in this particular shot, allowing me to use a portrait layout and gain the features and textures of the water and the various artifacts it’s supporting without giving the appearance of a lot of drab empty space. I haven’t looked at this in black and white. I liked the warmth that color adds to this pastoral scene. These gardens by the way are really beautiful. They cover only a very small area but they’re well conceived and maintained.


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