Peninsula Camp

Peninsula Camp, a set on Flickr.

Coming to you tonight from the Hobo Inn about 10 miles east of Mt Rainier. A leisurely days journey from the campsite I’ve occupied on the peninsula for the past three days. And a little, though not a lot, warmer. Temps dropped to 34 last night pushing a few degrees past my limit but when you’re in, you’re in. I survived. Maybe I need to adjust my bar some. I’ll do some stuff for you on Rainier tomorrow. For now a few pics from Olympic. These are all iPhone shots.

I camped at Mora campground on the west central area of the coast park. Had expected to be the only camper around it surprisingly the place was almost full. Lots of fishermen for the most with a few hardy hikers here and there.

I discovered quickly that clear weather was to be had in the morning so was up and out at the first sign of light. I’m still somewhat on east coast time so the early rise was not problematic. Only one good sunset shot.

Really enjoyed this park and got my first extensive experience with rain forests, after the brief encounter in the Cascades. Lesson learned: it’s probably best to visit a rain forest outside the rainy season. I had all the gear I needed for the venture but despite the weatherization of my Canon equipment the camera body grumbled and threw a couple of short-term feature outages at me. I soldiered on and made use of the air drying machine in the camp latrine.

All the water aside I think the shots ingot in the Hoh Rainforest area are the best of the trip to date. Not included in this post but I’ll get them up soon. They have an absolutely surreal aura to them.

In the meantime enjoy the camp and beach shots. More to come.

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