Santa Monica, CA 2012

Thought I’d share a few shots form my roaming around Santa Monica Beach. Not your usual beach shots


One response to “Santa Monica, CA 2012

  1. Loved the photo. Yesterday we thought our water heater had given up the ghost. Bill Dunn came by today and found it wasn’t getting electricity. He determined that Virginia Power’s energy saving device for the hot water heater wasn’t working so he divorced that device from the circuit. He also determined that the two of the breaker switches in the breaker box weren’t firfmly in place so he rectified that problem. *The situation as it was *was a fire hazard. Thank Heaven for Bill who not only saved our bacon but as well determining we didn’t need a new water heater as replacing it would have been costly. On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 1:58 AM, RichardBeGone


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