I couldn’t bring YoYo along on this trip and I miss him every day, especially in the mornings: he is great to wake up to. Big smile. Tail wagging. Reminding me that no matter what I have a purpose – and a friend. And that he’s going to have a wonderful day and I’m invited to tag along should tag along.

I checked in on Yo a few days ago. He’s doing great. I doubt he misses me. Dogs are enlightened beings – unlike their humans.

I’m not without a four-legged friend though. I find them everywhere when I’m out shooting. They particularly like beaches and seem to like people with cameras. Sometimes I’m not sure whether I’m looking for them or they’re looking for me.

I ran into this guy roaming round Malibu with his humans. He was much friendlier than they were. Dogs are like that. So are humans.



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