I’m in Texas these days for three reasons. First, to visit with AnnaSummer and Massie to deliver one last wedding gift; second, to attempt to pry a few records out of the registrar’s office at Port Arthur Memorial High School; and last, because when you’re headed west and you’re this far south, Texas gets in your way. When I crossed the state line I saw a sign that said “ElPaso – 857 miles”.  I’m not even sure that will get me out of the state. And there is not much in the middle.

I’ll see my kids tonight.

The High School is as recalcitrant as ever – I’m getting myself an attorney.

That leaves only getting through here. Last night I went looking for perhaps a few other reasons, such as adding to the portfolio. I drove out along Texas Route 87 that trails alongside the Gulf of Mexico. This part of the visit at least was fruitful.


TX - 87

TX – 87


I know why my relatives migrated here in the ’30’s – it was about work and there was plenty to be had in the area, a booming oil center and shipping point – third largest in TX in 1934.  That was then.  TX-87 seems more representative now.


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  1. Good to hear from you. I’ll be interested in hearing of your endeavors to pry records loose from Port Arthur school. We had 12 at the table for yesterday’s Gratitude Breakfast. Self, Duncan, Bill W. Tom McCaffery, Ralph T, Ken T. Joe R., Rich O., Brian and his wife Louise, Chris E. and Becka. The speaker gave a pretty pedestrian presentation that full of facts and admonitions that would have fit right in at a Rotary Club but no story, emotion, et al. Duncan, Bill and I did a lot of dozing which was noticed by table-mates. Brian and Louise got up and left as did a number of people. It was at a Sheraton near the Air Force Memorial not far from the Pentagon. Attendance was near 700.


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