Happy New Years Day!


If the greeting sounds a little off key it’s only because I’d like you
to know that I made it through the night. There were New Years Eves in
past when the possibility of that occurring was at least questionable.
And even then when the coin tumbled in my favor there was much doubt –
on my part – if it was a good thing or not.

I’m not sure how important this idea of celebrating the New Year is.
It serves to keep Dick Clark and his surgical team employed, is one of
the brighter days of the year for brewers and distillers, and, even
though our Chinese cousins can’t quite seem to get the date right, it
has near universal appeal. But personally I can only remember a few of
these occasions and if I can’t remember something, how damned
important could it have been?

I’m not going to follow that thought too far because there are not a
lot of things that I remember and that points to a lack of engagement
I’d rather not examine here. That’s reserved for those medical types
whose malpractice insurance premiums I’ve been subsidizing over the
years – so far as I can remember anyway.

For now I’ll just accept the arrival if another January moment and see
where it takes me. Create some new memories and hope to hang onto a
few of them for a while.

It’s OK I guess to take the time to mark the arrival of these annual
milestones but it’s only really worthwhile if they are turned into
experiences of import: remembrances that fuel my curiosity for and
interest in continuing the journey.

So far; so good.

Happy New Year! I hope to see you somewhere along the trail.