I only get to see my son Charles once or twice a year, and much of the
last five years less than that. It turned out that we were both going
to be in the Bay Area during the same twelve hour period so we’d made
arrangements to get together for coffee and a bite to eat.

But when I checked in with him last night as I was driving down the
coast I discovered that his upcoming trip for Green Tortoise, which
begins Monday, was a four day affair to Yosemite rather than a six
week cross country that I thought it was. Better, as we chatted about
this, he invited me to come along.

So I not only get more days with Chaz than I had any reason to expect,
but I also get to “go to work” with him! That, more than all the parks
in this country, makes this journey worthwhile.

I never feel as if I get enough time with my children. This will be a
real treat. And then in another month or so I’ll get time with
AnnaSummer in Austin.

Life is good.

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