No Fish

So after a pretty good photo outing on Treasure Island this morning I
thought I’d drive into The City and see if I could do even better. I’d
paid the one-way toll; might as well get my money’s worth, no?

The first turn off the Bay Bridge dumped me onto Folsom and the
Embarcadero, as good a place as any. I wandered around several of the
piers anchored by The Ferry Building and chatted with a few of the
early morning fishermen looking to hook lunch or dinner or something.

“Catchin’ any fish?” I asked.

“Nah”. Nuhtin’s biting” was the usual response. Else a shrug.

Same for me. Walkin’ up and down these piers and can’t get a shot to
save my soul.

Think I’ll go over to the coast side and look for seals. Catch you
later; story of my life:)

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