Canada au Canada

    Stayed in Acadia until early afternoon yesterday (Monday) and then headed in the general direction of Canada. Was trying to make Montreal but I underestimated both the travails of Google-Mapping my way along as well as all the photo ops. It had been a while since I’d had a really good sunset opportunity but it finally presented itself along the Chain Lakes near Bigelow, ME. I’ll get that up later. Haven’t had a processing slot yet.
    I think I was a bit misleading with the ‘Montreal bound’ post. I’m steering in that direction but not stopping. Next park waypoint is Ilse Royal in Lake Superior. Trying to get there ahead of the ice. Global Warming might be on my side on this one. I’m in Sherbrooke as I write this. Arrived more or less exhausted about 2100 yesterday. My destination for the day is London, ON. about 11 hours. But that will make the last leg into Houghton, MI quite short. Ilse Royal is the only NP that officially closes for winter, which it marks as 31 Oct. I hear there’s snow in the area. Got to move.
    I like to include pictures with all the posts and so wish I’d taken one of the sunset with my iPhone. But I didn’t. So this is a shot of a house that caught my eye while I was visiting Ilseford Island just off Acadia.

Enjoy! Later!



2 responses to “Canada au Canada

  1. Camped in Isle Royal for one night. It was to have been a week long back packing trip but was hampered by high waves of the Superior “Ocean”. Many like I had to abort trip after one night and go home after throwing up on everything and one during the trip. So never saw it. Take Bonine and show me what I missed Richard.


    • Not planning an overnight on IR at the moment although if the weather holds I might do one night. You will surely find out what happens though 🙂


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