Maine Sunsets

Sunsets were elusive during my 4 days at Acadia NP. I did manage a couple of semi ones as well as a late sunrise (because I was late) from the summit of Cadillac Mountain. But the two I liked the most presented themselves as I was driving out of Acadia heading north toward Canada. 

I hadn’t had in mind chasing a sunset – something I will occasionally do – but as I was driving through a little town called Bigelow, about 20 miles south of the US/Canada Border I came upon Lake Falstaff. It was about 30 minutes before sundown and it appeared to me that the image might be worth waiting for. So I stopped and waited. It was a good idea. This turned out to be one of those shots that just kept on giving because the Lake caught a near perfect reflection of the smoky cloud etchings above it.


Near perfect until….

I continued on toward the border and came upon Chain Lakes that were geo-positioned in an east-west manner. The sky, which at Falstaff had been an orangery blue had now turned crimson. What you see here is what I saw as I rounded a curve in the road. I slammed on the brakes. There was no place to pull over: rock wall on the right; lake on the left. I put the blinkers on and hoped no one would crash into the car – or me – and I got the shot. It is as if it was taken on another day in an entirely different part of the world. the colors, the clouds the reflections – all different. I couldn’t chose between the two so I didn’t.



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