Mono Lake

A number of people were thrown off when I told them a principal waypoint on this trip would be Mono Lake. For the most, easterners haven’t a clue what Mono Lake is. Aside from being a very large body of saline water, it sits in the middle of what once was the western portal of a project of the early 30’s that was designed (and run by) the LA County Water Department. LA County Water still plays a large role in the control of this area since it depends upon the basin to supply its jurisdiction with water. Turn off the spigot up here and people in Santa Monica will get mighty dry.

The reason I wanted to visit here once again – came last September with the Green Tortoise group – was to record the place to a degree that was impossible last fall. I needed to be here early morning and early evening to get the right lighting. I was also hoping for a little morning glow to capture the image you see here. Didn’t get the glow but its still a decent shot.


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