Fine Wine

I had just about reached the end of my first day along the Blue Ridge Parkway; the sun was setting; I could simply not find a shot I liked.

Then this vineyard appeared out of nowhere.



2 responses to “Fine Wine

  1. Thank You! Now I have a confession to make. The next morning as I headed further north along the Parkway I noticed that what I had mistaken here in the twilight for a vineyard was actually a tree farm – a Christmas Tree farm to be exact. It became apparent because they were scattered about as if they were tomato gardens. Large, small and in between. And they are planted in the manner that grape orchards are and in in the shadows that what my tired eyes read them to be.

    Once I crossed into Virginia that indeed is what they would become. Wine growing in VA have grown to be a major crop as well as a tourist attraction. But not in NC.


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