We lack water here in Southern California. There are lots of things all of us can live without – water isn’t one of them.  It’s getting worse. We’ll probably survive it; at least my generation will. I’m not so sure about our progeny. There are some consolations. This is one of them. It won’t quench our thirst, not for hydration anyway. It might serve to inspire us to find ways to pass it on to our grandchildren.

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Big Meadows in the Fog

Big Meadows Camp in the Shenandoah National Park was a family weekend destination when I was a child. I can’t remember the last time I was here so I couldn’t resist a brief stop. It’s changed a little. More posh than I recall. But the trees remain the same – only more attractive in fog.


A Wintery Mix of Sky





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A Wimpy Sort of Snow


Our first ‘significant’ snow yesterday afternoon was more a form of
traffic torture than anything else but this morning on my drive from
Reston to Lorton to check in with my orthopedist I noticed that we had
been left with a fine blanket of white in all the right places – not
on the roads and sidewalks.

The trees in particular were simply gorgeous. And all along the drive
down RT 123 I passed great shot after great shot because I had
forgotten about the appointment and subsequently was running behind
schedule. I had dashed out of the house at what I thought was the last
minute unshowered, barely dressed, brace on top of jeans and wallet
left behind. So the shots had to be passed over.

The irony of all this mad rushing was I arrived 20 minutes early and
the doctor arrived 20 minutes late. I decided not to apologize for bad

On the way home I turned into Burke Lake Park in search of something
that had not already been burned off. I found this tree. An hour
earlier I’d had literally thousands of these to choose from. But then,
I only needed one. I liked this one. It’s not quite as majestic in
this image as it was to my eye but it’s still quite noble. Don’t know
what type if tree it is. Don’t know it’s story. Don’t know how many
people it’s seen come by over the course of its life, snapping
pictures, carving epitaphs, climbing on its limbs. I just know it was
there to pose for my iPhone this morning.

I may go back for another visit one day. But if I don’t the tree will
still have thousands of other humans to choose from.