The Trip – Follow The Little Red Dots

This map image isn’t exactly correct, I did not visit WA State or FL, but it’s close in every other regard. I hadn’t really been paying attention to this geo-tagging but if you take a picture along the way from time to time and integrate them with a Google map, this is what you get. 

The first time I saw one of these was when Chaz and his buddy Tom did their trip from VA to WA for Chaz to check in at Ft Lewis after his return from the Middle East. That was in 2009. It’s a liitle easier to do now, else you wouldn’t be seeing this. 🙂

Those two errant dots are there becasue there are a couple of photos lost in the pile that weren’t taken on this trip and I just don’t feel like ferreting them out. Pretend you didn’t see them. I guess I should also note that I was in Cleveland to visit Wendy Oliver but failed to take an iPhone pic there that I kept. Maybe next time.

Oh, yes. The way you read this is from east to west and back where the out-going route is through KY and from there up into SD.





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